PETROLEUM INDUSTRY REVIEW is a media project from Industry Media Vector with the support of the Petroleum Club of Romania. This magazine is the result of a productive cooperation based on sharing the same principles and ideals.

PETROLEUM INDUSTRY REVIEW is produced by a team of professionals with vast experience in the oil & gas industry that are actively assisted by respected personalities of this sector. This bilingual magazine speaks to those directly involved in the petroleum field, whether they work in E&P, downstream, transport, or in the service sector. It is dedicated to executives, engineers, consultants, professors and students alike.

By including interviews, analyses, editorials, technical and young expert articles, news and various points of view, the PETROLEUM INDUSTRY REVIEW is the herald of the oil & gas industry in Romania and one of the most respected platforms of the petroleum sector in Romania.

The association entitled the Society of Petroleum and Gas Engineers (SPGE) has published since March 2002 the Monitor of Petroleum and Gas, the new series of the “Monitor of Romanian Petroleum”, which appeared between 1900-1948.
It is the only periodical that publishes legislation and regulations in this field or with direct implications upon it, accompanied by explanations and annotations of managers and experts.
The magazine publishes technical and scientific articles, opinions, statistical data, commercial information, inventions and innovations, homage to various personalities, advertisements and announcements covering a large variety of petroleum-gas activities.
It is addressed at the same time to the producers, transporters, suppliers, distributors and consumers on the petroleum-gas market, and it is receptive to any suggestions for improvement; we consider that the magazine will establish itself as an important support for the increase of the energy efficiency of these natural resources and it will be a real help both for the managers at all levels (strategic managers or executive managers) and for the experts.

The aim of Afacerea, the online weekly edited by the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bucharest CCI), is to provide the business community with information on the major issues of the economic life in Bucharest and countrywide.
By accessing, traders can get information on the events on the Bucharest CCI agenda and the main activities developed by county chambers of commerce and industry, as well as on the impact they have on business development; information is also supplied on the major domestic and international trade fairs and exhibitions. The Bucharest CCI members also introduce themselves to those interested in identifying new business partners from several areas of interest. Afacerea includes points of view on topical issues, as well as useful information for companies—under the headlines To Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs should be aware of, Business opportunities, Legal Digest—as well as articles on the SME sector, finance, banking, the stock and commodity markets, insurance, leasing, investment, and statistics.
The EU legislation and its transposition in Romania is another area of interest covered by Afacerea, Romanian companies being keen on getting in line with the latest EU rules and regulations.
Afacerea goes to some 15,000 e-mail addresses—company officials, business centres, chambers of commerce, embassies and commercial offices, international organisations, etc. communication line is the most complex editorial project dedicated exclusively to the energy industry in Romania. It comprises the website, the printed Magazine, the daily TV show and the concept-events. is the sole on-line platform dedicated to the energy sector in Romania that serves both as a news channel and a business to business gateway. Updated hourly by our editors, brings a new color to the industry by keeping you connected to news and changes in the economic, political and legislative environment. By accessing the business profile link, you will find the perfect business partner suitable for you company’s needs. Magazine is the publication for the Romanian energy industry. Our mission is to offer information, perspective, profiles and networking to managers, specialists and engineers in Romanian energy industry, as they strive to make profit in a monthly-changing business environment. magazine is printed in 5.000 copies every three months and individually delivered to the managers and specialists in the Romanian energy industry.
The Energy Minute is a bridge - type short audio-video programme, providing information on Romania’s energy industry. It covers the main actors (companies, authorities, associations, professionals) and the most significant events impacting the market and the general public. From 2013 October 7, on every working day at The Money Channel, powered by

A.A.I.R. - Control and Instrumentation Association of Romania
A.A.I.R. is the professional association which brings together specialists from all the Control and Intrumentation fields from Romania: supply (producers, distributors, service), end users, designing, research, metrology, Romanian Authorities for regulations and prices in the energy and natural gas field, technical universities.

A.A.I.R. has the folowing principal activities, especially for their members:

  • Ensures information about activity programmes of organisations (companies, institutes, etc.) which are A.A.I.R. members;
  • Ensures connections and cooperation relationships, at national and international level, with associations, societies, specialized organisations and companies;
  • Organizes exhibitions, symposia, conferences, workshops, round tables and companies presentations;
  • Organizes the participation at technical and scientifical manifestations in Romania and abroad;
  • Ensures technical advertising and/or publishing articles, written by A.A.I.R.'s members and/or advertises in advantageous conditions, in association's technical magazine, entitled AUTOMATIZARI SI INSTRUMENTATIE;
  • Elaborates professional standards concerning control and instrumentation
  • Offers technical consultance in the specific fields of interest;
  • Supports and promots young engineers and valuable students;
  • Offers free information concerning the content of A.A.I.R.'s Data Base.
  • Participation and backing for participation at professional meetings in land and abroad.


Media provider for your business, is a publication dedicated to the energy sector and also the business environment in general.

'The Diplomat - Bucharest' magazine aims to bring a fair and balanced analysis and comprehensive coverage of the political and business scene in Romania.
'The Diplomat - Bucharest' is focused on providing, to a target of international corporations, local companies and institutions and key individuals, the highest quality analysis of business and political events in Romania.
It has the mission to offer up-to-date information on the latest developments and changes in the politics and economic life of the country, as well as reflecting the activity of foreign investors, policy makers and financial institutions present in Romania.

'The Diplomat - Bucharest' magazine has an international network in over ten countries, each with autonomous operations.

The Diplomat Events:
'The Diplomat - Events' bring together the most important political and business figures for interactive and energised debates on topics crucial to the economic growth of today's Romania.
Held at the top convention locations in Bucharest, these events cover critical topics relevant to Romania, such as the fluctuating real estate market, the development of road and rail and the future of renewable energy.
'The Diplomat -Events' also create specialised formats targeting specific country investments, business communities and its team is open to new ideas and formats for hosting events.
Bringing together Romanian and foreign businesses, ministers, Government officials and international specialists, these events foster a culture of sharing the best practices from Romania and abroad, while establishing an exclusive platform for networking at the highest level.

T&T, TEhnica si Tehnologie este revista ce se adreseaza in mod direct celor implicati in conducerea si coordonarea activitatii companiilor din industrie. Pozitionata in mod clar la nivelul premium al revistelor tehnice specializate, T&T este revista cu cel mai extins public la nivelul companiilor din industria romaneasca. Este mijlocul de promovare cel mai potrivit catre decidentii din industrie, avand ca public tinta echipele de decizie a achizitiilor si managementul companiilor din industria romaneasca. Are un concept editorial unic, bazat pe teme cu valoare practica si aplicativa imediata, furnizand informatii despre noile tehnologii si echipamente existente pe piata romaneasca si internationala. is an "online newspaper" dedicated in particular to the energy sector
  Energyworld - The Romanian magazine for Energy and Environment  

UNIVERS INGINERESC - publicatie a Asociatiei Inginerilor din Romania (AGIR)

In februarie 1990 a aparut primul numar al saptamanalului “Curierul A.G.I.R.”, distribuit tuturor membrilor Asociatiei cu cotizatia achitata, care si-a propus sa devina o tribuna activa de schimb de informatii si opinii intre membrii Asociatiei, in beneficiul lor, dar si un purtator de cuvant care sa confere un cadru national pentru obiectivele si activitatile desfasurate de A.G.I.R..

Din mai 1990, publicatia a devenit bilunara, sub noua sa denumire “Univers ingineresc”. De atunci ea apare cu regularitate, fiind in continuare distribuita la toti membrii individuali si colectivi ai A.G.I.R. din tara si din strainatate, dar si unui numar insemnat de personalitati ingineresti, institutii centrale, ambasade, biblioteci, institutii de invatamant tehnic superior s.a.

“Univers ingineresc” se straduieste sa pastreze un echilibru optim intre cele doua laturi ale profilului sau, de opinie si, respectiv, de informare. constituind o tribuna de reflectare a principalelor evenimente tehnico-stiintifice, a preocuparilor societatii civile romanesti si, desigur - in primul rand - a activitatii A.G.I.R.


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